Who is Dalì?

Who is Dalì?

Dalì, a part from being the famous painter you all know, was THE dog who changed my life and this B&B is dedicated to him, because thanks to him I decided to get back to nature and to my roots, refurbishing an ancient family house and transforming it into a place where hosting travelers from all over the world.

Dalì was a cross-breed-Dalmatian coming from Spain who I adopted in 2013, unaware of all his behavioral issues, due both to a lack of socialization and to abuse: fear of people, of noises, of the city, lack of self-esteem. With hard work and dedication, I managed to rehabilitate Dalì and make him appreciate the life in the city, the walks in the parks and the playing with his four-paws-mates, he learnt how to get by in this world, with all his difficulties and constraints. But to see him really happy I had to take him into a wood: he changed completely, his natural prey drive and searching behaviors came up, he run happily, he drove wild animals out, he disappeared for minutes that seemed hours to me and then he came back proud and satisfied. Hence we went for more and more outdoor excursions, our stayings in Susa Valley got longer and longer and the idea of moving to Traduerivi and starting a b&b became reality, always followed by my faithful spotted friend, who had found his dimension and whose self-esteem increased day after day, until one day when Dalì launched himself chasing a pray into the wood, he got lost and ended up in a high speed road, where a car run over him.

good things don’t last forever…

Dalì’s memories and teaching are alive in this place and inhabit the dogs who live here: his love for life, his resilience, his will to learn in spite of everything.

From up above, Dalì wishes you a pleasant staying. 


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